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Meet Cookie Tam Sing

My name is Carole Mae Nani Tam Sing, but everyone knows me by my nick name "Cookie". I grew up near the little town of Makawao, on the Hawaiian island of Maui. I attended The Old Maui High School. My dad, was the head bookkeeper for the Haleakala Ranch and we also raised cows and horses, and held round ups and other ranching activities at our farm. I love the country and the smell of the horses and the grasses.

My grandmother, my dad's mother, spoke only Hawaiian. My dad could speak Chinese and Hawaiian. My parents would take me to historic places such as the Bishop Museum, the first missionary's home, and Queen Emma's Palace and teach me about Hawaii. Thus, I developed a passion for Old Hawaii.

I tandem surfed with the beach boys in Waikiki , water skied, and rode horses on the beaches and hills of Maui. I sewed all of my clothes including my bikini's and my friends bikini's.

To continue my education I moved to Honolulu, which is the capitol of Hawaii and a big city, and attended the Honolulu Art Academy. After working for Qantas Airways, I moved back to Maui iIn the late 70's. There I opened and operated a Grocery Store known as the "Haiku Mart Inc" in Haiku.

After selling the grocery store in 2001, I began spending part of the year in Oakland, Oregon. It reminds me of old Hawaii. The terrain is very similar; the open land, cows, horses, farms. The little stores in Oakland are reminiscent of Makawao Town, sort of laid back like Maui used to be, and you get to know everyone real fast.

I have spent the last 4 years painting Hawaiian landscapes, historic sites and old store fronts. I love old Hawaii and all of the little stores from my childhood that still exist today. These paintings have been reproduced on greeting card stock for your enjoyment. I retain all of the original oil paintings.

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